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Burning Day

There is a scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Harry goes up to the office of Albus Dumbledore. While Harry waits in the office Dumbledore's pet phoenix, Fawkes, becomes engulfed in flames and dissolves into a pile of ash while a terrified Harry looks on. Dumbledore comes in to explain that it was Fawkes' "Burning Day", the day on which a phoenix bursts into flame and is reborn from the ashes. As Dumbledore explains this, a tiny bird pops up from the ash, and a new life begins for Fawkes.

    Getting divorced at 25 years old felt a lot like a burning day. One moment I was trotting along towards the future I had planned, and with the stroke of a pen the life we had built and the future we had planned disintegrated. The guilt, the shame, the sadness, the anger, the disappointment, and the sheer shock of it all burned inside of me like a wildfire, and when the papers were signed the house we bought, the memories we made, and the years we had give…
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New Design, Same Me

Its been a long time since I've logged on to this blog. Life, as always, has been full of unexpected turns over the past year, with even more changes to come. Im not complaining; some of the changes that have happened, no matter how daunting at first, have shifted the way that I see myself as well as the way I look at life as a whole. I have struggled, but I have also learned so much, and I believe that I am better for it.
       As I move into this next chapter of life, I would like to share some of these lessons with you. I considered starting an entirely new blog, but there is so much of myself connected to this one that I didn't want to leave it behind. In preparing to revamp this blog, I went back through the archives on this page, and read over posts I wrote at 18, 19, and 22. It has been a beautiful life and although my perspectives on old post topics may not be the same now at 25, I have decided to leave the archives of this blog relatively untouched. While the …

Not Just a Baylor Problem: A Look at the Brock Turner Rape Case

I graduated from Baylor University with my undergraduate and Masters degrees in social work in 2014 and 2015 respectively. I sat in the stands almost religiously as Art Briles led our bears to win after win, and I felt a sense of pride that our university had a high profile leader like Ken Starr. Im a highly competitive person, and watching our football team rise from being the joke of the Big 12 to being a National power house was intoxicating.
I would give up all of those wins now.
If you exist on the internet it has been difficult to miss the reporting on the sexual assault scandal that has rocked  the university. Several Baylor student-athletes were accused of rape and sexual assualt, and the evidence suggest that the athletics department and the university as a whole knew about these accusations and either ignored or intentionally made  efforts to cover them up so that these players could  continue to dominate out on the field. In incidents involving non student athletes, the un…

4 Dogs and a Blog: A Beginners Guide to Having WAY Too Many Pets

Hello! And welcome to 4 Dogs and a Blog: A Beginner's Guide to Having WAY Too Many Pets. I am glad you have decided to embark on this journey of owning a borderline-irresponsible ammount of  animals with me.
Step 1: Get some animals
First, you're going to need a dog. I started with Walter, a german shepard mix.
Next, you will realize your dog is getting lonely while you are gone, so go ahead and get him a sibling. We chose Willow, a Great Dane.
BONUS ROUND! Get a cat. We got Juvie Cat, who my husband found at the juvenile justice center. Realize that your cat typically spends his days plotting your demise. Regret everything, then, when  you're ready, come to a place of acceptance.
A few months after this, you're going to realize that your first dogs younger sister isn't really the "little sister" he hoped for...
So go ahead and get him a suitable sized  play mate!
We got Whitley, some sort of undistinguishable mutt found in the juvenile justice center par…

To Parents, From Your Child's "Young" Therapist

For those of you who don't know, I am a social worker, and I am currently employed as a therapist on an inpatient psychiatric unit for teenagers. I predominately work with teenagers with behavioral issues that also have some sort of mental health diagnosis, and more often than not,  a history of trauma.
I get a lot of questions about my job, and often times when I tell people what I do, they comment on what type of "special person" it takes to work with these kids, and what a tough job it must be.
My job is hard, and some days I drive the 45mins home wondering what I am doing or if what I am doing even matters in the long run, but most days I drive home happy. I love my work. I am passionate about what I do, which is a rare blessing that I know many won't get to experience. I love the kids and the families I get to work with, and the  variety of experiences I get to walk alongside them through.
I think it takes a specific kind of person to  do the job I do, but I do…

Time Warp

"Its just a jump to the left And then a step to the right Then your phone breaks down And you try to restore it all night" -Time Warp, Rocky Horror Picture Show
At least thats how I think the song goes. Either way, I woke up in a time warp and the date is now February 2013.
What happened was that I plugged my phone in last night to go to sleep, and woke up to a pixelated screen with a shape that vaguely looked like the apple logo on it. My phone wouldn't turn off or reset itself, it just sat shining the apple logo at me. I plugged it into my computer and after quite a long ordeal I was able to reset it to factory settings.
The great thing about technology is that your phone can restore itself to exactly how it was the last time you backed it up.
The bad thing about me is that I never back my phone up, so when my phone restored, it restored to a version from February 2013. All of my recent text messages were over 2 years old, with the exception of a few from early 2014…

Im Getting a Sister!

Just so that nobody asks my mom based on the title, No, my mom is not pregnant. BUT I AM GETTING A SISTER! This past weekend my older brother asked his incredible girlfriend to marry him and she said yes! And I LITERALLY could not be more excited. My brother and his fiancĂ© are the most incredible couple. They met in the 8th grade and have been dating ever since. Its the type of story that is so cute it makes you want to throw up. My youngest brother and I accepted a long time ago that no matter how adorable of a situation leads us to finding our future spouses, we will never top the glory of Phil and Mer. And we are so ok with that. Mer has been a part of our lives for the last 10 years. She loves our family, and has never made my younger brother and I feel like part of the package that comes with dating our older brother, but treats us like we are already related. She shows genuine interest in our lives and goes out of her way to spend time with us. When I was still in highschool a…