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Lets Talk About Religion

I want to talk about religion for a moment. I know that for many, myself included, that’s an uncomfortable topic a lot of the time; however, if you can bear with me I want to clarify some statements I have made in recent and past posts.
If you follow my writing, both here and on medium, I’ve mentioned leaving the church as well as some uncomfortable aspects of the religious component of my schooling. I want to first and foremost separate people from institutions. I had the privilege of meeting some incredible people through my churches and schools growing up. I had a youth pastor who I truly believe saved my life, and constantly challenges some of the negative aspects of the church, always reminding us that Jesus just said to love. I had an English teacher who did, and still does, make me believe in my dreams and talents. I had a science teacher who expanded my thinking and my horizons by taking me and some of my classmates to China. You can recognize the damaging aspects of a thing w…
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Why I Said Goodbye to Facebook

I deleted my Facebook a few days ago, although I hadn't been active on the site for a few weeks. Of all the things I've done recently- traveling to Europe alone, moving to Colorado, etc- leaving Facebook is the move that people seem the most confused by.

 I understand why people like Facebook, and cant imagine being rid of it. Facebook is an easy way to connect with friends, family, and people who share similar interests. I was in a Waco Area Feminists page as well as a Waco Pok√©mon Go! page (yes, I still play) that helped me make connections in town and find things to do on days when I was bored. As an adult living in a college town, I loved being able to connect with other people in similar situations and expand my friend network through Facebook and Facebook groups.

 The problem for me was that no matter how much benefit I seemed to get out of Facebook, I felt that the price was too high. Of course with all social media there are concerns about data privacy, but more than I…

Life Update: Greetings From Denver

I cant believe I finally get to say this, but I no longer live in Waco, Texas! A week ago today, Walter, Juvie Cat, and I loaded up the uhaul and hit the road for Denver. We made it to our new home Friday, and I am happy to say that (most) of our furniture has arrived so we are settling in well. 
 Leaving Waco was a really strange experience. Ive spent years wanting to do just that, but for it to finally happen was a feeling that is difficult to express. I had some really good times in Waco, but also faced some of the biggest challenges of my life during the 8 years I lived there. I cant say that I will miss Waco, but I will miss so many of the people I met along the way.  Now that we are in Denver, I will be focusing more on my writing. I moved to Denver four days after landing back in the United States from a 2 week solo journey to Europe. I had an incredible trip- in many ways it feels like the best thing I could have possibly done for myself at this point in time. Despite the cha…

So Hard to Say Goodbye

Ive been doing a lot of saying goodbye lately- goodbye to my favorite spots in Waco, goodbye to my coworkers and clients, goodbye to my friends. For all of the years I spent wishing to get out of Waco, I never imagined it would be this difficult when the time actually came. Sure, I knew change is hard and moving is always frustrating, but I did not anticipate the level of absolute loss I have felt over the last two weeks. Every interaction with the people I love has felt like it could never be enough- that I will never have enough time to tell them how much they matter to me, how grateful I am for their friendship, and just how much I'm going to miss them when I'm gone. I've cried every time someone has left my apartment in the last two weeks, and cried every time I've left theirs. I drive home wondering if I just said goodbye to a friend for the last time, wondering if they truly know how much they mean to me.

     Preparing to move has been an emotional rollerc…

Always My Babies

*I cant believe i'm putting a spoiler alert for Game of Thrones on my personal blog but here we are. Spoiler Alert: This post contains a small spoiler for Season 7 of Game of Thrones*

  The question I have been asked most often through all of the changes in my life is "what is going to happen to your dogs?!" I get it, those little suckers are adorable, and they have been the highlight of my life these past few years. The truth is nothing is completely set in stone yet for the dogs, but all of them will be kept in the family between myself and their dad. We would never re-home them or send them to a shelter. We love them and committed to caring for them when we adopted (or found) them, and intend to follow through on that.

Despite our love for them, we also have to think about what is best for them and what will make them happiest. I'm moving to DC in a few months, a city notorious for its tiny apartments that come at an astronomical price. In short, there will be no …

Times Up, Texas

When I moved to Texas in 2010, I thought I would do my 4 years at Baylor then move on-
but that was 8 years ago. In the years I've lived in Texas, so much has changed. Waco has absolutely exploded, with new shops and restaurants opening almost every week. Our public image has changed from the site of the Branch Davidian complex and subsequent FBI shootout, to the location of a massive biker brawl that claimed 9 lives at a Twin Peaks bar, to that of a quaint quiet town full of downtrodden homes in need of a little love thanks to the wildly successful Fixer Upper franchise and its branch offs in Waco including the Magnolia Silos.
     I have changed as well. When I arrived in Waco, I was 18 years old and going on my 13th year of private Baptist schools. I was grounded in the church, had little understanding of my place of privilege in the world, and wanted to be a mental health counselor. Throughout my undergraduate education, my eyes were opened to social justice issues, and …

All Caps Kelsey

Almost every time I see my grandmother she asks me the same thing, "are you ever going to mellow out?"  I love my grandma, but at this point I think its safe to assume the answer is no.

I live life like the caps lock key is jammed. I have a tendency to do everything to the max- I work hard, love hard, and play hard. I've always been opinionated and willing to speak my mind, and more than a few people have described me as "intense." For the most part, I love that about myself. I am glad that I am willing to speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in. I give a lot of myself to the people I am close with, and do my best to be there for them as much as I can. I am fiercely loyal to my own and funnel that intensity into my friendships and relationships.

I can also recognize the downside of all of this; I can be incredibly opinionated and unyielding. I can let my passion for something get in the way of my ability to hear other perspectives. Not only is my perso…